Embarking on a transformative journey where words inspire wellness and deepen faith. My stories illuminate the path to a balanced and purposeful life, guided by the light of Jesus.

A Bit about Myself

I’m Serenity, a passionate writer with a curious mind and a heart dedicated to inspiring others. My journey has led me through various roles, from being a dedicated behavioral therapist to a compassionate teacher. But at the core of it all, I’m a storyteller and writing books for inner peace is my forte!

“I believe in the power of words to heal, transform, and uplift. My purpose is to share my stories, experiences, and insights to ignite the flames of courage and self-discovery within each of you.”


Behavioral Therapist | Teacher | Author

Rescue from Desperation

A beacon in darkness, revealing abuse’s hidden truths. Serenity’s journey strengthens faith, highlighting a steadfast bond with Jesus through trials. Embrace His unwavering care amidst life’s struggles. In shadows, His love shines; in despair, His light guides. Find solace and purpose, for you are not alone.

$7.99 - $8.99

In every heartbeat and every step towards faith, I aim to inspire a journey of health and a closer walk with Jesus.
Behavioral Therapist | Teacher | Author
"Reading 'Rescue from Desperation' was like a beam of light piercing through my darkest moments. Serenity's words reminded me that I am never alone, even in the shadowy corners of life. Easily one of the best books for inner peace I’ve read in a long time."
"Through her intimate account, Serenity exemplifies the profound relationship one can share with Jesus. This is one of the best emotional healing books that teaches us that faith can carry us through even the murkiest waters and lead us back to the embrace of our Creator."

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